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Academic Writing Services

Essay Writing Service

Writing an excellent essay can be a serious academic challenge, which is why 15 Writers is here! We offer various essay writing services to make your education process less stressful, and more enjoyable.

Report Writing Service

Many students find reports more difficult to complete, since they are not written in the same format as a standard essay or assignment. The team of writers are experts in all areas of academic writing, including report writing on multiple topics.

Assignment Writing

The secret to a successful assignment is a combination of factors including writing and language skills, research experience, and an ability to demonstrate the depth of understanding of the subject. 

Coursework Writing

Writing an excellent coursework can be a troublesome path for a student who needs to read numerous theoretical books, explore relevant academic articles on the topic and be able to express all ideas in a limited time. We do not provide shortcuts, but we will help you study faster and more efficiently.

Exam Notes Service

Here at 15 Writers, we understand that good revision notes are one of the most important factors of exam success. That is why we offer a custom exam notes service, tailored to your exact needs. We have extensive experience in all aspects of academic life, exams being one of them.

Tutoring Service

As more students come to the UK, it has become very obvious that lecturers simply don’t have the time to answer students individual questions about each course. We provide a custom, online tutoring service on any work we complete, in order to help our clients learn in the most efficient and user-friendly way.

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Dissertation Writing Service

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100% On Time

Dissertation Topics and Outline

Finding a viable dissertation topic is key to mapping a proper direction right from the start. The writing experts are ready to offer you a choice of dissertation titles and samples to set you on the right course with your research project. If you already have a dissertation title that has been approved by your tutor, we can provide assistance with your project outline to get your dissertation off the ground.

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Plagiarism Free

Dissertation Proposal Writing

A dissertation proposal sets out the course of your entire dissertation project and is the starting point in determining the level of success of the work. In turn, the final dissertation grade will be worth up to 40% of the overall mark for your university degree.  This is why we offer Dissertation Proposal Writing, to help you get off to an excellent start.

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Free Amendments

Dissertation Writing Service

Completing a dissertation is the greatest challenge in your academic career. Students experience a range of different problems when completing their dissertation. From finding relevant dissertation titles, to choosing suitable research methods and even writing the dissertation chapters. The research project has a huge impact on the final outcome of your degree, and so we are here to help. The experienced writing team provide high-quality dissertation writing services and academic writing assistance in preparing both parts of dissertations or full projects.

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Completely Confidential

Data Collection and Statistical Analysis Services

We offer a wide array of data collection and data analysis services. These include primary data collection through surveys or interviews, secondary data collection from both free and subscription-based databases, and analysis of data in most popular statistical software such as SPSS, Stata, Eviews, Matlab, Minitab and R. If you don’t know which methods of data analysis would be best for your dissertation, our team of professional writers will help you decide.

Why Choose 15 Writers

  • We offer a personalised approach to our customers.
  • We only employ writers who already have substantial experience in academic writing;
  • All of our writers have narrow specialisation, which allows us to have deeper knowledge in each subject;
  • We take difficult orders that other companies simply cannot handle.